Poetry By Chuck


A Truly Beautiful Woman

There are very few women in the world who have been truly beautiful.  

Very few.

When you look for that beautiful woman

you must look deeper then her physical beauty.  

You must look past her many physical attributes,

past the shape of her body
the curve of her hip

and the way that she responds to pleasure.

 Past even her attentiveness to your needs,

her response to your advances.

You must look deeper inside.  

When you look at her mind,

you must see the beauty of her intellect,

the power of her mental essence,

the love that she radiates,

and that special person that she is.  

But, even that is not deep enough.

You must look to her personality,

that which has been forged through the fires of life,

the rigors of hardships,

and the pain of physical challenges.  

That personality which reflects in her eyes,

and will glow with its shinning life.

It will be like a star,

that in the evening filament twinkles

and the humor of her personality

will  flicker into your awareness

with joyous abandon.

But, even that is not deep enough.  

You must pass even her personality to reach into her heart.  

Her heart must beat with a passion.

She must pulse with love.  

Her blood must flow carrying to her fingertips

the messages of her love.  

Written in tender touches for you alone.

Even that is not deep enough to discover the truly beautiful person.  

To be truly beautiful, to really surpass all others,

you must glance into her soul.  

Surrounded by her aura, cradled in her essence,

this is the place of true beauty.  

Its reflection sharper then the calmest waters of a fountain.  

A soul of true spirituality.  

Its here that beauty is truly found.  

Forever tranquil, in the endless memories that each time you meet her...

...impress themselves into your heart.


Written October 31st, 2005


Option f© 10 years ago, Charles Johnson  

Copying without permission is forbidden.

My email is chuckj661@hotmail.com

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 mistic moonlite on Oct 31, 2005, 4:53 p.m. 
Family&Friends,in world that you can trust 3764 critiques, 485 poems.
Chuck, a beautiful poets words to touch your gals heart,
it touched mine and I know what it is saying,lovely sentiments
through out the whole poem ,a beautiful woman,also has the guy she loves beside her and that certain helps in a romance of a lifetime ,keep penning and hope all is ok ..Linda  



Fool no1 on Nov 01, 2005, 11:37  
If Tomorrow Never Comes 1226 critiques, 149 poems.
I like this very much, the way the poem peels off each layer of a persons make up, revealing all the things that make the whole till eventually one reaches the very soul from which all these other attributes derive. Beautifull, meaningfull,enriched by it's superb imagery. mal



 Sylvyr on Nov 25, 2005, 9:27  
I am who I am 460 critiques, 44 poems.
Thank you very much for this lovely tribute to women. It is not often that a guy can speak of being able to see beyond the outer vision of women. At times it seems that most of you are only willing to see the surface and are terrified of looking deeper. Or when you do look deeper you fear the depth that you can see. So your words here are a great joy to read and think over. They allow women to see that men can and do see deeper and like what they see even if they don't like to say it out loud. LOL Thanks for a beautiful tribute hon... Sylvyr  



 whispersoftly on Dec 07, 2005, 11:21 
so come on inspire me..................... 1277 critiques, 106 poems.
WOAH im blown away by the pure and outstanding beauty of this write my goodness what wonderful words, i love this write stunning keep it up xx Cheryl  



 spamwitch on Jan 05, 7:39 p.m. 
Perception Is Truth! 2328 critiques, 69 poems.
You've a deep understanding of the simplicity of womanhood! It is well noted and deeply appreciated how you have taken such truths and put them into the form of beautiful poetry, this deserves so much, but for now all I have to offer is little clappy hands and seven points from me to you! Awsome job!!! 



 Owlfire on Jan 05, 7:59 p.m. 
I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free 298 critiques, 24 poems. Currently online. Verdict: To melt hearts
How wonderful....truly, through all the layers of beauty you have described, this poem is marvelous. Good luck in the contest, though I am sure a talented poet like you does not need the 'luck' :-)  



Krispy Kreme on Jan 06, 7:05 
Im a Failure ... just trying to get by 11 critiques, 51 poems.
Wonderful Write! Truely amazing, beyond words, very beautiful and romantic, hope all goes well and thank you for taking the time to enter my contest and good luck
~ Ebony ~  



 grannyeri on Jan 08, 11:59 p.m. 
I can do it. 9036 critiques, 16 poems.
Women are more than outward beauty as this poem states, and you have gone there and more, giving us some great reasons why this is true. Well penned.  



unluckyinlove28 on Jan 09 
I'm not beautiful like you, I'm beautiful like me. 24 critiques, 25 poems.
Wow! This is incredibly beautiful. It's deep and thought provoking. And very well written. Absolutely beautfiul. 



mellymae777 on Jan 09 
A poem is never finished, only abandoned 226 critiques, 12 poems.
i love this piece. it is a work of art. i love that it is true. i like how you explain how to find a woman's beauty. so many people think beauty is only skin deep. but it's not. and i like how you tell us your views of what beauty is. i love this piece and everything it stands for. nice job and i hope to read more from you. keep it up.



 Poetryality on Jan 09 
As the world spins out of control...HOLD ON! 12009 critiques, 62 poems.
This is one of the most passionately written poems I have read in a very long time. I am sure her complexities are music to your heart and soul. This is brilliant!

I wish you all the best in this challenge but with a poem as resounding as this you don't need luck! You have the skills to back up your winning entry.


I do hope my husband looks past my physical being and into a soul that loves him dearlu, unconditionally, as he loves me. We've been married 33 years. I would guess that he does look past my faults, and flaws, has for some time. I love this!

Much Love,



looking4light on Jan 09 
~Believing in gods always causes confusion~ 260 critiques, 6 poems.
WONDERFUL. i love how you started with the surface of such a beautiful being, with the curve of the hip, to personality....and when i thought you were done, the heart, you moved it to another more meangful level. i loved it. very eloquent...and the imagery...omg...great. " Her blood must flow
carrying to her tender fingertips the messages
of her love. " just....so perfect. on the first stanza you said that only a few are REAL women, and you supported that by using the word "must" constantly especially when describing the heart "stage" 9don't mind me calling it so).
The last stanza is also beautiful.
"Its reflection sharper then the calmest waters of a fountain" and it's there that beauty is found.....fantastic. i loved it.
i really hope that men try and look at women that way...maybe some day.
Thank you very much for writing this poem and sharing it with us  



 Auron on Jan 09 
I hate rude behavior in a man. I won't tolerate it 1216 critiques, 50 poems.
Pretty long, but well worth it. I have one thing to say first of all, BRAVO! This is one of my favorite poems in the world, one of the best I ever read... there's so much truth and well... beauty.  Wonderful job.



 Everglow on Jan 09, 1:07 
Life is like a story; you wirte your ending 149 critiques, 22 poems. Verdict: Beautiful, Inspiring, Wonderful I can go on a
SIGH This is so beautiful. This has got to be one of my favorite love poems now. I love how you peel away layer upon layer to expose the true essence of a woman. I love the words that you used to put together this picture and the flow is incredible. You inspire me to always put forth my best and to not be so hard on myself. Thank you. I love this poem by the way.  



ALittleDream on Jan 09, 1:45 
"A great fire may follow a tiny spark." 39 critiques, 64 poems.
That was really good. I can only hope that someday someone will come along willing to search deep enough to find everything that lies within me.
Edited on Jan 09, 1:46 because ''.  



Shadow-lily on Jan 09, 1:59 
+3v3ry0n3 suff3rs s0m3t1m3+ 53 critiques, 61 poems.
one word for that...LOVELY!  



the poess on Jan 10 
Such a pretty day, I think I'll skip my medication 160 critiques, 7 poems.
I liked this. Well written.
You sound like a good person.  



 on Jan 10  
366 critiques, 92 poems.
This was amazing. What an honor to have read this. Whoever this woman is that inspired you is truly blessed. A man who can see to this depth of a woman is a beautiful man. And she for certain must be the beautiful woman you mention. This was beautiful, if I understand the comments I see that you won the gold with this. Well deserved my fellow poet! Great job, one of my favorite poems ever!  



izzi6 on Jan 10, 3:33  
dumping the puck in went out with short pants-- HB 1186 critiques, 97 poems.
This is so true. I don't think you meant this as a statement against superficiality, but that's how it spoke to me. I'm dating a wonderful man... I've been with him for eleven months now... and I catch hell all the time for dating him because he's a computer nerd, shorter than me, not a prettyboy, and according to some acquaintances and so-called friends, "a geek and totally not my type." However, what they don't see is the way he treats me, the look in his eyes when he says he loves me and no one else, the comfort I feel when I'm in his arms, the ease with which we communicate, the conversations we have about both intellectual and stupid things... there is so much about Mark that lies under the surface that so many people wouldn't have taken the time to see. People think I'm crazy because I had the chance to date this jackass that a lot of girls in my school thought was hot... but that was the thing... he was pretty, not nice. I feel lucky as hell to have taken Mark off the market. Girls are always lamenting the fact that their boyfriend is inconsiderate, unfeeling, rude, whatever... but hell, they deserve it if all they look at is the face.

Sorry for my long rant. I really enjoyed this write, and I wanted to let you know what it fired in me. I'm applauding you.




DirtyGirl16 on Jan 12, 7:16 
Life 18 critiques, 6 poems.
That is a great poem! You dont find too many guys who are like you! Any girl would be lucky to have you!  



 Rowan on Jan 12, 7:18 
Don't try to push the river, it flows by itself... 887 critiques, 151 poems.
I wish all human beings could look as deep as this.
To see the beauty, and appreciate the gift of sight.
Very well written, I really enjoyed reading this!
It shines with inspiration and talent.



LyricalHeritage on Jan 12, 1:11 p.m. 
79 critiques, 4 poems.
The most beautiful woman I've known are those that are beautiful yet don't know it, or haven't become aware of it yet. I could talk about inner beauty but before that I have to say that physical beauty can only take one so far when it's not accompanied by inner beauty, one of the heart and mind. The best package ofcourse is beauty both inner and outter. Inner beauty is more important for it can make even average outter beauty more radiant and a cut above an individual with greater physical beauty yet a lacking personality. A very thought provoking poem and best wishes to you   



 masterblaster on Jan 12, 3:40 p.m. 
7457 critiques, 677 poems.
Hi, this seems to have been written for someone very special and very close to you, sounds like you are very much in love my friend, lovely lovely write, a great pleasure to read, all the best, hugs Di  



the poess on Jan 13, 1:04 
Such a pretty day, I think I'll skip my medication 160 critiques, 7 poems.
I thought this was very good. I loved the last few lines.
I totally agree with this. I have one called "what is beauty" on the topic of what beauty is (yours is better though)
anyway I loved this  



D Thoures on Jan 13, 1:09 
The Beautifully Tragic Boy...Die Beautiful... 89 critiques, 28 poems.
Her beauty is deep, yet you have managed to burrow your way to her heart. Your subject is most lovely. You use words in the most darling manner. Keep it up I loved it all the way.
Lots of Philia,



slayenemy909 on Jan 13, 2:03 
197 critiques, 42 poems.
This woman must be quite the enchanting seductress she seems to have entranced you and captured your soul... This poem was quite amazing I liked the words you used to capture the elegance and beauty that you see in this lucky woman...good write..  



geniusloci on Jan 13, 7:03 
23 critiques, 0 poems.
i feel naked and tingly...



bengalibelle on Jan 13, 7:06 
42 critiques, 3 poems.
Yes,indeed true beauty is something beyond physical appearances,but rare to find someone who realises that.Beautiful poem ,i liked it.  



mzladyt on Jan 13, 8:51  
Live your life as if this is your last day. 245 critiques, 26 poems.
This is absolutely beautiful. The true essence of a woman is looking into her soul. I love it. Keep up the good work.  



 Vickie J on Jan 13, 10:17 
Prejudice is the price of ignorance. 7581 critiques, 43 poems.
Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to be blind when it comes to finding that right one. Then you are forced to see what lies beneath and hopefully find the essence of that person.
I think there are women out there who do fit your vision of the perfect woman who are waiting to be discovered. One who finds them, has found a real jewel. Lovely write~vj  



Alan thomas on Jan 13, 10:49 p.m. 
Always seek for the truth. 42 critiques, 8 poems. Verdict:


This is a beautiful piece of poem that does serve the reader a recipe for the choice of an ideal virtuous woman that has the characteristics of a true wholesome spirit of beauty and spirituality.
I admire the word flow and the imageries used in this poem.



 Schatzi Elfe on Jan 14 
I'm not O.K. , you're not O.K. & that's O.K.! 1756 critiques, 74 poems. Currently online.
Verdict: Expressive


A positively grand write. You don't stop at the superficial, you go straight for the core. I like that

 Your word flow and imagery are wonderful and the message is a truly thoughtful and fantastic work of love. Love it.  


Brina414 on Jan 14, 11:34 
Just breathe 62 critiques, 45 poems.
Verdict: speechless
Oh that was absolutely perfect, I didn't see one flaw in that poem. You just described me to a tee, *Laughs* kidding. Actually you just described all women.
'You have much knowledge' I am truly impressed. I will be reading your poems more often.  



Babygirl4ever on Jan 14, 12:57 
In order to be irreplaceable one must be different 91 critiques, 41 poems. Verdict: wonderful
thats a very heart felt and inspiring piece. well done.



shadow69 on Jan 14, 4:43 p.m. 
~!!!RAINBOW PRIDE!!!~ 120 critiques, 56 poems.
ok ok ok i am speechless!!! i dont know what to say! when i started readin this poem i thought of the love of my life!! i never thought in my life i would find one i loved ir one that loved me back but it has happened! i know she is the one for me and i am in love!!1 she looks beyond my looks, my personality and everyhting in this poem!!! i look beyond her to her heart!! i love her so much and i am planning to perpose to het on valintines day!!! have you met your one and only yet? i think off of this poem u have!!1 not just anyone can write this deep and not feel love or have talent and i really do think u have both!!! u have a great talented feature of love poems!!! i loved this poem!!! keep up the fantaztice work!!! i give you a score of 20/10!!!  



MovingMountains on Jan 14, 10:54 p.m. 
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. 126 critiques, 19 poems.
Beautiful and very true. Good write.



redfelt on Jan 17, 10:16 
7 critiques, 22 poems.
great write. you captured the emotion in this piece brilliantly.  



 kvwriter on Jan 18, 10:37  
Just Believe and it will happen! 4461 critiques, 104 poems. Verdict: Wow!
Wow! This is truly beautiful, one of your finest writes, I believe too. The insight and wisdom that emerges from the depths of you, Chuck, are apparent in the words spilling across the page, words defining the true essence of love, how, why, where, with all purpose, with all understanding, with all it's depths. This one truly touches the heart, while exposing its utter truth and myriad of distinct qualities. You are a man who swims deeper than most. Just an incredibly lovely, genunine write! --Kel HUGS  



Behindxbluexeyes on Jan 23, 8:35 p.m. 
No one knows what its like 13 critiques, 20 poems.
Very strong and true, Its good to know there are other people who belive in a greater beauty inside people



FallenAngel90 on Jan 23, 9:52 p.m.  
I'm a fallen angel waiting to fly again. 3 critiques, 3 poems.
This is absolutely beautiful and amazing. It is so hard to find a man that thinks like that now a days. This is so refreshing and... just beautiful beyond all words.  



DaDanoska on Jan 23, 10:45 p.m.  
"Stuff Happens, Things Occur." 162 critiques, 28 poems. Verdict: Truly describes true beauty
Wow. This is most excellent. I have noticed that the way that women look changes drastically as I get to know them more deeply. The most attractive woman, originally, can become the most horrid.

At the same time, I feel that I have found true beauty. I feel that this poem describes true beauty, and how very difficult it really is to find.

I have found that most men do not know what true beauty is, and I am most excited to read a poem by a man that has obviously put much more thought into finding true beauty than I. It is something that I had recognized yet not been able to define. Fantastically put.  



a gothic romance on Feb 13, 8:05 p.m. 
drop acid NOT bombs! 246 critiques, 81 poems.
beautiful! the pace and rhythmn in this is amazing! it runs so smoothly, i love the length of the lines. beautiful descriptions and imagery, a ver charming piece of work  



The Hidden Darkness on Feb 13, 8:05 p.m. 
Time Stops For Love In Her Embrace 142 critiques, 38 poems. Currently online. Verdict: A++++++++++++++++
Oh My Lord!!!!! this is truely amazing perhaps one of my favortie poems on AP!!!!!! i am bookmarking this!!!! i loved the whole structure of the the poems, you dug deeper and deeper until the true essence and core of beauty was reached, well done!  



LittleLotte on Feb 13, 10:16 p.m. 
you're sweet , wanna hit the street? 22 critiques, 13 poems.
Verdict: amazing.
a really nice job. simply beautiful.  



 Viyannarosemarie on Feb 13, 10:18 p.m. 
"DON 2086 critiques, 333 poems. Currently online.
Verdict: amazing
To be truly beautiful, to really surpass all others,
you must glance into her soul. Surrounded by her aura,
cradled in her essence, this is the place of true beauty.
Its reflection sharper then the calmest waters of a fountain.
A soul of true spirituality. Its here that beauty is truly
found. Forever tranquil, in the endless memories that
each time you meet her impress themselves into your heart.

WOWZA!!!! this is utterly amazing!!!! i find it difficult and refreshing to believe a man really thinks this way. you have won my respect and admiration. since i don't have enough points to applause, i am sending you a  instead. happy valentine's day. you just made mine. viyanna r langager  



untitledscream on Feb 13, 10:56 p.m. 
This is for the black eyes and bloody lips 142 critiques, 30 poems. Verdict: wow
wow, just wow. I second what everyone said. Well done...your a womanizer. Lol, super deep, super romantic, written by the perfect man...to bad he doesnt exist. Good job though. still in awe.
¢¾ Linzi  



TivioAngel on Feb 14, 12:03 
this is me...deal with it 715 critiques, 64 poems.
This was amazing. I have to echo untitledscream and just say WOW! I have to bookmark this one, it's beautiful, you're an amazingly talented writer...wow again! Keep up the great work, this is just excellent! Muchas amor, Amanda  



Lady Soldier on Feb 14, 12:15 
The past ain't stoppin me 1 critiques, 10 poems. Verdict: excellent poem



Your Confusing Lie on Feb 14, 1:01 p.m. 
emo kids cry. gothic kids die. 76 critiques, 56 poems.
This is beautiful and so romantic! good job!



a sweetheart lost on Feb 14, 1:33 p.m. 
normal people are the ones you dont know very well 34 critiques, 10 poems.
wow! this is an amazing poem. I love it!! I like that you keep going deeper. When I read the title I thought that this would just be physical but as you know it isn't. You did a wonderful job.  



Yvette champ on Feb 14, 1:40 p.m. 
Hurt no one , let no one hurt you , peace x 593 critiques, 42 poems. Currently online.
I was delighted to read this,it is well written and echoes my own beliefs,wether in a woman or a man,it is the essence of a person that is pivotal not the packaging.It is the most beautiful feeling to love and be loved for who we are,love and light,Yvette  



Soul Zero on Feb 14, 2:16 p.m. 
Just doing my own thing. 1210 critiques, 45 poems. Currently online.
this person is truly a beautiful person, I love the flow and the wording of this poem, alot of emotion eminates from this poem and it can really be felt by the reader.

Excellent Job

Much Love




Master Domtos rose on Feb 15, 1:47 
Teach me, that I may follow You more closely 275 critiques, 26 poems.


What you say is true ... but from another viewpoint, if someone is truly in love with this woman, she is truly beautiful to her lover, no matter what!! In the eyes of a true lover - a FOREVER lover - the woman DOES surpass everyone else, no matter how other eyes are beholden. This being said, I therefore disagree with your opening quotes. Since there are many true lovers, there are, and have been, many truly beautiful women. And I'm one of them (according to my partner). Nicely written.