Poetry By Chuck


America's Wars

In no mans land the guns fell still,
Almost 100 years ago
The war to end all wars they said
How little did they know

Yet only 20 years had passed
When the world returned to war
And countless more lives were sacrificed
Before Hitler was no more

Then in a Northern Land
We turned and took a stand
Frozen feet trod a reservoir
Three million slain to win the day
Lives lost forever more

In Vietnam, our days of dying were not done
And we passed away so very young
In a land of jungle and frightened sons
Two Hundred Twenty Five was our daily sum

Off to the Grenada a forgotten place
Where some died in the haste
And not forgotten is a Lebanese tomb
Marines buried in a concrete womb

Then Panama was taught a brief respect
As always we lost lives in regret
Soon after Somalia a Blackhawk down
In a city of corrupt and worthless clowns

We will never forget those who died
When terror tried to destroy a city's pride
NYC Buildings fell or lost their height
When pretty things fell from sight

Thus begins years of war
In Afghan or Iraq deserts far from shore
Two are the conflicts that we wage
The ignored battles of human rage

Politicians vie for public favor
Soldiers die for freedoms fever
Time passes as do lives
The toll mounts in hidden asides

There is no end to this endless war
Planned in darkness on cave floors
Fought over ideas with religious excuse
Control and power advanced by abuse

In Flanders Fields the poppies bloom
Creating a sea of red
Symbolic of the blood stained land
A tribute to the dead....