Poetry By Chuck


Bravery & Sacrifice



When times become the hardest
when the shadows gather heavily in your head
When Life seems not worth living
When you'd rather be dead

Its then that the brave
gather strength from above
It's then that another day
dawns filled with God's love

I know you wish to attain
that special place in God's hands
Where peace will gives you rest
and you can finally stand

God has recognized your valor
He has seen your bravery from above
God has saved a place for you
Where you will share in his love

But, God isn't ready for you yet
He expects you to live your life
He watches you each day
as you struggle with physical & mental strife

When you rest in bed at night
and the day has worn your courage
and your labors are your plight
He is with you, always

and he thanks you for your sacrifice