Poetry By Chuck





I write poor poetry from an unskilled hand and I'm a simple man.

Poetry is the art of imagination mixed with the language of choice, the creativity of the mind, and the effects of the senses.  Poems do not necessarily reflect the personal thoughts or beliefs of the Poet.   I think when you browse a Poet's page, you should take the poems for what they are and not what you may think they reflect.   Like an Artist who paints a canvas and creates a scene of heavenly beauty, that painting does not mean he is religious.  As you browse my poems, remember, they are just reflections of my desire to be poetic at that point in time and not necessarily an accurate nor descriptive reflection of my beliefs or thought processes.  I do allow my daily life to infulence my poems, but that does not mean it is an accurate reflection of my existance, thoughts, beliefs, or intentions.  Nor does it mean I'm directing them towards anyone.  Often I will send my poems out for some feedback.  Sending them does NOT mean the poem is written about anyone.   All artists desire feedback no matter the medium they are using.  No matter what happens somebody will find a way to take it too seriously.

"You see, but you do not observe."
Arthur Conan Doyle

 Proud Member of the Patriot Guard Riders

 Errors and misconceptions no doubt remain, and are my own.

Now please enjoy yourself here.


 White Line Fever


Why A Goldwing? 

Shatter The Night & Rock The World

Kickstand Up! 

  Split'in lanes  






 If anyone takes offense at what is displayed or shown, just contact me. 

I will evaluate it and if needed remove it.


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