Poetry By Chuck


Pass In Review

There is a simple truth throughout the USA

When our troops die in battle

Few care a Hero has passed away

Its a very common thing

That happens on too many days

Almost no one gives a second thought

When a Hero passes away

We drink and pursue our fondest desires

and celebrate another birthday

Yet, very few care, his have been taken away

The funerals are sad affairs the families gather on bleak days

There may even be protesters spouting in their vile ways

The Patriot Guard gathers to defend and to say

"I'm sorry for your loss on this most tragic of days."

Yet, every 30 minutes another Hero passes each day

Perhaps an unknown Veteran who's age seems to say

"I was the only one left and on this my last day

Thank God, someone cried and the flags flew today."

Tragically, many choose a harsher way.  

They take their lives, their hopes and dreams away.  

Twenty two, pass in review, each and every day

We ride and ride, and all of us pray

"We will ride until the Patriot Guard rides on our last day"