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Author Notes:

When you are in a relationship, communication is probably the most important part of it.  But, communication at many levels.   Conversations, touches, smiles, guestures, actions, etc.   I think romance should be carried out in a planned, to some extent, schedule.   

You should know that when Valentines Day comes around, there will be flowers, balloon, and icecream cake at work, that on Christmas Day, there will be quality time, family time, dressing up, large meals with everyone helping clean up, and so on.   But, not just special days, but also surprise days...the unplanned unexpected days...  I remember when a guy told me his wife showed up unexpectedly at his lawyer office and walked in unannounced, as she sat, she pulled up her split skirt and with those high heels and hose, she then began a very slow strip tease.... he was terrified! He jumped up and closed the door, rang up the sec and told her to hold all calls...      Fun day he said.  I remember when a gal told me that her husband when she was cleaning one day, just walked into the living room naked and was only concerned with "her" needs that day.

"I think romance is not just sex, or lust, but also its the tenderness of togetherness and the communications that pass during such times."

I remember while driving across country with my ex, she was upset at something, something at work.   She felt she was being descriminated against.   (one woman in a all male work place)  She began, unexpectedly, to off load on me..... I could tell here was not an attack on me, but rather a venting ...  I listened.    I think if I have learned one thing in my maturity, its that listening is soo important.   Not judgemental, not consending, nor offering advice, but just listening.   If you really value a person, truly, you will listen to them.   Reserve judgement, listen and you may determine that they are not asking for advice at all, but rather just clairifying in their minds their course of action...already decided upon... but if they ask you for a opinion....tell the truth.  No bull here.  Tell the truth or they will lose respect for your opinions.....certainly listening is as important or more then advice.  I think listening is a sign of respect.   Respect for the person your listening to.   I, sometimes, brush off people who I do not respect.  Guess I'm human there.   Or, will put it aside until the timing is right.  But, with a partner, its important to take the time when "they" need it....that said, its also important for the partner to understand "timing".

There are many ways for a person to show another their romantic side..... but one of the most endearing has to be in daily little things......  a woman wants to know that when she cooks its appreciated, like a man needs to know when he fixes the car, that he is appreciated for his efforts.... a woman likes having the bathroom cleaned after a man does his thing... a man is "always" surprised when a woman clears off the work area ahead of his arriving to make repairs.   (Nothing worse then trying to work around little bottles of fluff n stuff, knocking them down..etc.)

I think to be romantic is necessary, fun, hard, and at times intimidating.   But, worth the effort if both are doing it.   Nothing is worse than one sided romance.


























...to be truly beautiful...






Rictameter is a diamond-shaped poem of nine lines, opening and closing with the same two syllables.

The syllable count of the lines is 2 4 6 8 10 8 6 4 2.



....she never felt the same as me...


...I've lost all my dreams...



Its rare indeed, this bond of love.




Have you ever heard the melodic warble of a song bird in the morning ...


In a very short time after a meeting online...


Moments to steal, moments in time.
Moments to feel, moments sublime.


...for she is a special lady a one of a kind..


I dream in the endless night,
wishing for my lovers sight.


A collection of my Short Love Poems