Poetry By Chuck



AUTHOR COMMENTS:  (I do not consider actors, singers, or sports figures heroes.  No matter how many movies, songs, yards, goals, baskets, scores, hills, races or even targets they make or games they win.  

I dedicate the following poetry to those individuals and groups who have sacrificed so much for our country and for us.  Firemen, Police, Coast Guard, Airmen, Sailors, Marines, Army, Government Special and Intelligence Forces, and private citizens, Their Trainers and their support personnel, whether in uniform or not.  Its impossible to find graphics for each of these groups, but they deserve so much.  If you have a graphic that you would like to see on this or the poem pages, please email it to chuckj661@hotmail.com.   I would be glad to consider it.   I cannot write poetry to all of them, but I can try to write to those I know.  Now for the real hero's of our world.





I was only sixteen when the storm hit...